almost 5 years ago

Mumbai-Amber-Alert won the Bots for Good Challenge

Hi all,   We are happy to announce that Mumbai-Amber-Alert has been selected as the winner of the Bots for Good Challenge (subject to verification)! Previously, we announced a different team as having won, but due to a rules violation, they had to be disqualified and an alternate winner was selected according to the governing Terms & Conditions. Congratulations to Mumbai-Amber-Alert - we will contact you about the next steps for verification of your team as the winner.   Thanks, Bot for Good Challenge team

about 5 years ago

Top 5 bots are now shown on Submissions tab!

Thank you to all who have submitted your bots for this challenge! We've seen plenty of bots that solve interesting local programs and we're glad to see the developer communities come together for social good. The top 5 bots submitted are now displayed on the Submissions tab and our judges will select 1 final winner. Stay tuned to the announcement on 28 June!

about 5 years ago

2 more days to submit your bots!

Hi developers!

The deadline is on 19 Jun, 10pm (IST) and is only 2 days away! We're happy to take a look at your submission and offer feedback on how to improve your submission so do submit your bot ASAP. You can continue updating your submission forms up until the deadline ends. 

Follow this guide to submitting your bot on DevPost: